Pro Make-Up Chair Review

Beauty Blogger Emily has recently reviewed one of our Pro Make-up chairs, take a look at what she had to say...


Beauty on the Move

As someone who is regularly on the move, doing make-up for family and friends, it’s essential to me that I can adjust to my surroundings easily.

Recently, I took a big step and moved out of my family home into my own little flat. And by little, yes it’s little. I have very little storage space, so I needed to make sure that I had things that could be stored away easily, and that’s where I fall in love with my Pro Make-Up chair all over again!

Easy to fold up and down, and lightweight, this chair has been a life safer for me. I have problems with my back, so I was worried I would not be able to carry this chair around, or put it up and down with ease, but it is so easy to do! And, without breaking my back in the process! Which is always a bonus!

Another reason I've fallen in love with this chair, is the height! I can work on my models with ease and not have to lean over, which again, can really cause me issues with my back. I can get the precision that I need when doing the eyes in particular I've found. People have also commented how comfortable the chair is, compared to others that they've used. So it's comfort all round!

I can hardly find a fault with this chair. Personalise Online personalised my chair to exactly how I wanted it, and what makes it better, is when I’m bored of the colour theme, I can buy a new canvas set with a new design! And for only £25! I truly was spoilt for choice!

Next on my list to buy is the Make-Up station, which will be a nice addition and means I can have it all set up in my bedroom too! Taking up less space than a dresser!

If you’re interested in buying one of these chairs, then please visit the Personalise Online Website and take a browse! Right now, if you enter promo code Spring20 you get an extra £20 these chairs!

Love Emily xox

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Recent Work 2015/16

2016 has been a rather busy year for us here at Personalise Online so far, we’ve branched out a lot and are busier than ever!

So, as we’ve had such a wonderful start to 2016, I thought now would be an amazing time to show you some of our most recent work and feedback from this year and late last year! We have had some raving reviews from people, and we’re happy knowing that of course, we’re making our customers happy!

So when I say we’ve branched out, we really have branched out! We can now offer bespoke items, for events and weddings, just like we have above! We can now supply favour boxes, wedding make-up chairs, personalised clothing, and so much more! So if you have a special event coming up, then get in touch and we’ll be sure to add that ‘personalised touch’ to it!

Of course, we’ve also kept on working on our beautiful make-up chairs for big companies and also independent salons/MUA! We have seen some amazing artwork be printed on these, and they all look amazing!


Seen something you like?
Have your own ideas you want to bring to life? Then please do pop over to our online shop or give us a call and we will be more than happy to help! We can accommodate almost every need you have!

Emily x 

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The Professional Beauty Show 2016

This year, for the first time ever (and hopefully the first of many!), we exhibited our products at the Pro Beauty Show at the Excel in London! We had a wonderful time meeting all our potential new clients as well as having a catch up with the existing ones and helping them out with any new needs!

As a beauty blogger too, I found the whole experience to be a thrill and a buzz and am certainly looking forward to the event next year too!

Today, I wanted to share some of the lovely photos that we took over the 2 days while we were there.


While there, of course I had to go take a look around!

While walking around, it was great to see the brand Cantoni being used! We have become the sole UK distributors for Cantoni, and when speaking to people who currently use them, they spoke very highly of them, which was great to hear!


Not only did we see Cantoni being used, but of course work we have done previously for customers/clients aswell. One in particular is Eye of Horus Goddess Cosmetics, who it was lovely to talk to and get to know the people that we have been talking to over the phone. In general, it was nice to put some faces to names, and made the process a lot more personal.


Next door to our stand, was Delamar Acadamy, who were actually demonstrating using one of our Cantoni Aluminium chairs, which looked fantastic! The work they we’re producing looked amazing, and we were extremely impressed!



Overall, we all had an excellent time! And it’s something that we’re already looking into doing again next year!

See more photos and latest news over on our social media pages, linked below! 

If you’d like to order any of our/Cantoni products, then please do go browse our website!

Emily x
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Valentines Day Gift Guide - For Her

Last week I brought you a Valentines Gift Guide For Men, and with Valentines Day approaching at mega speed, I thought I would create a little gift guide for the special beauty lover in your life. I've put together a list of items that I personally love and I'm sure the lucky Valentine in your life would love too! 



Above are some products from one of my favorite collections from Estee Lauder. The Doublewear range. All of which can be found on the Estee Lauder Website.

  1. The Double Wear Foundation - A massive, massive must for my make-up collection. There is nothing quite like this foundation and is something that no matter what, I cannot live without. With many shades to choose from, I'm sure you could find the perfect match for your perfect match!
  1. The Double Wear Stay In Place Brow Duo - In recent years, more and more people are paying close attention to their eyebrows. I've heard amazing things about this eyebrow pencil. If your loved one is an eyebrow fan, then this pencil is a must for them! 
  1. The Double Wear Zero Smudge Curling Mascara - This mascara is known to last 15 hours! Maybe your loved one is a busy woman, and needs the make-up that she has to last all day, without fail. This range is ideal, and will look as good at the end of the day, as much as it did at the start! 


The above items here are from the ever so affordable MUA (Make-Up Academy). Great products at not a massive price tag. 

  1. Bronze & SculptContour Kit – Complete with brushes, this set will help the lucky lady in your life achieve the perfect contour. Contour has become a popular tool, highlighting areas and making them stand out more. At a snip of £10, this kit is possibly one of the most affordable I have come across and your darling valentine is bound to fall in love with it, and with you all over again at the same time!
  2. Ultimate UndressedPallet – MUA Pallets are one of the only brands of eye shadow that I’ve used in recent times. The texture, colours and how long the colour lasts on my eyelids never fails to amaze me! This particular pallet is a new addition to MUA, and is one I’m sure will take your valentines breath away! Perfect for creating a lovely look for your romantic dates!
  3. MUA Luxe Voluminous FeltLiner – I’m sure most boyfriends/girlfriends have been in this scenario. You’re waiting for her to finish her make-up, and then you hear that scream. Yup, eyeliners gone wrong, the wings aren’t even and she’s decided that she’s no longer going out. Well, I have a nice solution to this. Felt tip liners. The best invention ever, and MUA have the perfect one for your partner this Valentines. From there Luxe range, this eyeliner is perfect for creating those perfect cat eyes! I’m sure if you mention that to you’re wife/girlfriend, she’ll be more than impressed!!

These items are from Personalise Online, and although some may think they're a little pricey, but add that extra personal touch.

  1. VT101.C Makeup Station – From the Italian Designers Cantoni, Personalise Online have this beautiful make-up station. Complete with lights, mirror and plug socket, for those hair tools! With many different compartments, it’s a good way to store make-up and hair products. And to top this off, it can be personalised! So you can add a personal touch to it for that special one in your life. These cases are ideal for make-up lovers, beauticians, Make-up Artists and hair dressers.
  2. Pro Make-Up Chair – I love love love this chair! Again, this chair can be personalised, so you can have your loved ones name put on, maybe a nickname you have for them, you can even have a logo on there! Personal to you and your partner. Again, these are ideal if your loved on works in the hair and beauty industry. And both products are easy to transport, making make-up on the go much easier than ever before!

I hope I’ve helped you with some ideas for you’re partner, all links to the items can be found above!

I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very lovely and happy Valentines Day!


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Valentines Day Gift Guide - For Him

Recently, blogger Emily from LoveEmilyxox posted a gift guide for us on her blog. So if you’re looking for that perfect personal gift for your wonderful partner this year, then take a look below. All items mentioned can be found through our website.
Valentine’s day is fast approaching and this year, I have someone who I truly want to spoil! Instead of going down the usual 'traditional' gifts that I see every year, in and out, I wanted to look at some ideas that are a bit different and original. 
Below, are some lovely ideas from a website called Personalise Online I noticed and decided to put together a little list of some nice items that would make a cute/unique/unusual gift ideas. (Beauty Lovers, you should also check out there Make-Up Cases and Chairs too!!)
  1. A Personalised Directors Chair - A perfect gift for a film lover. And what makes this gift even more special, is you can select from a range of canvas covers and also put your own personalised message, making it that extra more unique. 
  1. A Personalised Clapper Board - Again, perfect for a film lover. And you can add the exact details you like! I had the idea of adding the details of my relationship on the board. I.E my name as director and my boyfriend’s name as Camera Man, the date we got together etc. I thought that cute personalisation would really be a big hit, and again, it's something extremely personal and unique to you and your partner. 
  1. A football hipflask - With the Euros coming up, football is going to be everywhere you turn, so why not get ahead of the game (No pun intended!) This was a small token gift which I thought would be nice. I know my boyfriend is a massive football fan (Sort of how we met!), so he would love this idea. It would look ideal on his shelf next to his trophies and medals that he's got through playing football too! 
I hope I've helped somewhat with some ideas, I highly recommend checking out the above website, and with them developing more and more ideas as each day goes, and there is something to suit everyone! 
Which product do you like best? What sort of design would you put on the chair/clapper board? Do you prefer gifts that are personal to the person and yourself?
Speak soon!
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